A pioneer on the beef carpaccio market with its patented process and presentation (patent no.: 9906742 of 25/05/1999), for 17 years Jean Routhiau has been offering unrivalled savoir-faire.

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Origin: France
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Flavour through selection of the best muscles
Flavour through fine slicing

Bénéfices convives

  • Un goût incomparable
  • Sélection races à viande


ICON05-50 The practicality of preparation
ICON01-50 Optimised plate cover, visual presentation and possibility of arranging the slices in our own way
ICON02-50 Food safety: freezing technology
ICON06-50 The using potential
For cold starters or main courses presented on plates.
Rose or rectangle formats
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For your salads, sandwiches and meal trays.
Strips or single slice.
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Made in France

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