Verrine of Beef Carpaccio with beetroot, feta cheese and raspberry vinegar

verrine betterave carpaccio BD-min

Ingredients :

Preparation :

Preparation the day before:

  • Reduce the balsamic vinegar with the sugar and half the raspberries. Simmer until a slightly syrupy consistency is obtained.
  • Cool.


  • Defrost the plates of Beef Carpaccio at least 15 minutes before using.

Just before serving:

  • Roughly break up the feta cheese.
  • Add the reduced vinegar mixture to the remaining raspberries.
  • Season.
  • Mix the fromage blanc with two-thirds of the reduced vinegar mixture (prepared the day before) and divide between the verrines.
  • Finely slice the cooked beetroot, ideally using a mandoline.
  • Divide the Beef Carpaccio and beetroot between the verrines.
Enjoy your meal !

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