The caterer and snacking

Creative and modern, Jean Routhiau innovates with its catering and snacking offer, products as pleasant as they are tasty for consumption on the spot or to take-away.

Origin France
Flavour through the selection of the best ingredients
Manual assembly for a delicious visual

Benefits guests

  • Flavour through of the best ingredients and hand assembly.


ICON05-50 The practicality of preparation
ICON01-50 Visual presentation: pleasant and generous products
ICON02-50 Food safety: freezing technology
To make your snacks, meal trays, aperitif dinner, or for your reception.
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Made in France

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A passion to share, to please and to treat yourself while cooking for others. Fine gourmet, curious and tireless, our chefs carry out their passion to nurture your creativity. Every invented recipe is tasted and judged by tasting panels.

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